Listen to JJR radio ! Première webradio des 1ESL1

(actualisé le ) par Lynda Itouchène - Anglais -

Our class has been working on a webradio project since the end of October. The program is called "Living together" and we’ve been working on it with our English teacher but also with radio professionals. In our program, we want to talk about us, multiculturalism and make you discover cool songs.

In order to prepare for this project, we worked with Ms Boutel, our radio producer. She came to the school three times to help us getting ready for the radio show and its recording.

During the preparation sessions, we worked in groups and everybody had a different role. There were the presenters, music programmers, journalists, communication experts, technicians etc. Two girls of our class even made the jingles by working with an instructor from the conservatoire.

Today was D-Day. We recorded the first radio show of this school year (there will be 3 in total). We were helped by Ms Boutel and Mr Wagner, the sound engineer. In class, people were excited or nervous, but they were also very happy for this first recording. Students took it in turns to the library to record their part while the rest of the class was preparing the communication articles and brainstorming on ideas for our next show.

We interviewed some guests after the show, and they gave us their impressions :

Maxence "It was a good experience"
Yassir "In fact, it was very easy"
Imed "Everything was normal and went fine"

You can click on the link below to listen to our radio show.
Stay tuned for our next show with new subjects coming up !

The communication team (Thamara, Démou, Nada, Maha, Pierre-Eric, Anthony, Yassir, Yassine, Sébastien and Ralilalah)

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